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Preventative Care

Posted on by Dr. Cecchini

Check upWe recommend your teeth be cleaned and examined at least every six months. Dental ailments are seldom evident to patients until the trouble reaches a stage that makes treatment complicated and expensive. Preventive care is the only way to extend the service of your dentition and ensure a healthy smile.

If you have periodontal disease which has resulted in:

  • bone loss
  • gum pockets deeper than four millimeters
  • bleeding gums
  • exposed root surfaces

Or, if you have had periodontal surgery or root planing to treat periodontal disease, periodontal maintenance is needed every three months to maintain gum and bone health. This procedure arrests gum disease by removing plaque and tartar above and below the gum line and disrupts the non-curable bacteria that can colonize and release toxins into the blood stream.

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